Stewardship vs Sustainability

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Blah, Blah, Blahblahblah.

It's not ROCKET SCIENCE, however there is more to it than reading a few articles or going all out in study and following the latest, greatest GURU of the land. Sustainability has been put in a category that if you aren't following the GURU's instruction then you must not be a "sustainable" rancher of farmer, so therefore you've "got something broke that needs fixin".

The word "Sustainability" has attracted the attention of many groups of people. Some who want to capitalize on it as a way to further their cause which by default points fingers at everybody else......some who aren't involved in agriculture at all but want to join the "cause". In all of this I say "follow the money". Sustainability CAN be a virtue in farming and ranching if only it allowed for "A ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL" perspective.

Stewardship on the other hand is totally "ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL". A TRUE Steward has the ability to read the land and the livestock. A TRUE Steward has the ability to understand the seasons and what they offer and the timing of that offering. A TRUE Steward has the ability to understand the regions of the country don't act or react the same as another. A TRUE Steward always has his ear to the ground concerning the changing world we live in and A TRUE Steward has the discernment to understand that everything that comes down the pike isn't a must. Some things never change but some things can change and become better. A TRUE Steward knows the difference. Stewardship comes from the inside of a person no matter what he is stewarding......seems like it can be learned but never taught! As BEEF producers we sustainably raise our BEEF because we are STEWARDS and seek God's Wisdom in our day to day care of this ranch.

When you really look at it, there should not be a versus comparison.....or a comparison at all.

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