Making the Change! Teaching an "Old Dog New Tricks"!

is that even possible?

is it possible to go from selling cattle as a commodity to a BRANDED product to go in your freezer?

For years our family has been producing a commodity. Our program is such that.......when it was time to market our "commodity" we did what we always did and had repeat buyers of our calves. The buyers always knew our cattle were "Top Shelf" type cattle and would go on to fit well in their program also. This had been a business model of our family for years and years......with SOME changes along the way. We always wanted to do things right and were wanting to keep those buyers in our camp.

A few years ago we started to think about "Making the Change". Scary stuff for "Old Dogs" to say the least. We would talk about it and then push it to the back, talk about it then push it to the was just tooooooo overwhelming to go from selling cattle as a commodity to a branded product. So many questions to ask and so many things to consider. As we started stepping into it and learning more and more about it we found out the #1 thing the Beef consumer wants is QUALITY. We had the QUALITY....we knew we had the QUALITY so off we went.

and......we are glad we did.........even though I say "We should have started doing this in our 30's instead of our..........LOL! I think I have said it to every customer who has come to pick up their order. Not funny! We work really hard to make sure you get BEEF Done Right! Cross Creek Ranch Beef wants the consumer to be

...proud to eat BEEF produced in the USA confident in the safety and quality Cross Creek Ranch Beef in a Rancher to Consumer relationship

...know they will be getting a GREAT price for the BEST form of protein on the planet

Our journey has started and we want to THANK all existing customers for their support and encourage all who aren't our customers to contact us....Let's develop a relationship based on all the things mentioned above and EAT MORE BEEF!

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