"QUEEN of the COW"...........The Tiger Stripe Female

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

What is a tigerstripe? “Tigerstripe” is a term used to describe the F1 cross of Hereford and Brahman because of the animal’s tiger-like striped brindle hair.

Not only is she a "looker", she brings so much to the Ranch and the Table. This cross is traditionally known to combine the beefier Hereford of English descent with the more heat-tolerant Bos Indicus Brahman.........coming from out west we said "BRAMER" with a long A. The Tiger Stripe cow is well suited to the humid and hot climates of the southern region of the US and will hustle to graze on a day when your straight-bred cattle are shaded up. This "hustle" gene is very beneficial in providing nourishment to her calf and also keeps her in GREAT shape for breed back which is very very important. You can't have a cow in the herd that won't about "holes in your bucket".

Mrs. Tigerstripe will put some "Hybrid Vigor" in her calf that will cause that calf to outgrow it's counter parts of a straight-bred or an English cross.......there's just something about that Bos Indicus gene that will wean a big calf. This F1 cross cow known as the "Tiger Stripe" has been described as a "genetic explosion"............she will

**** maintain her body condition in a superior fashion in the hot and humid climate

**** wean a bigger calf than her straight-bred counter part

**** breed back quicker

****put a calf on feed for finishing with a better cost of gain

**** last 18-20 yrs, which is 6-8 yrs longer than counter parts.....that's a big deal

I'm not sure who coined the phrase "QUEEN of the Cow", but I think they nailed it!!!

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